Academic progress is often one of the first things to suffer when a student is dealing with problems/behavioral issues. At Briar Patch, we understand your child's unique emotional and academic needs. Our staff is future-focused to help your child recover school credits and continue on a successful path to graduation, college, and beyond. Curriculum is tailored to each student's grade level and customized to address any issues that may be hindering their academic progress.

BP offers a general-education course specifically designed for the student's unique needs. Although we do utilize traditional textbooks in our academic courses, we also use various non-traditional educational techniques which are designed to more fully engage the student in their education.

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Online Learning at Briar Patch

We are proud to offer High School credits through Lincoln Learning Solutions online curriculum. This program allows for the flexibility that is crucial to the personalization of each student's academic plan. This online learning environment helps us to assess a student's level in each subject and create a curriculum aligned to their individual needs. Online reporting and tracking features are accessible 24/7, so instructors are able to monitor and share a student's progress with parents, administrators, and schools.


Briar Patch works closely with the student's school district, as well as other service providers associated with each student, to promote consistency and understanding about each student's goals, plans for implementation, and procedures for assessment.